Slimming World Diet

Another day, another diet! I tried to be strong, eat sensibly and be good, but the week of all the cheese undid that. I haven’t put any weight back on, but it’s the same as it was a few weeks ago. I still have 16lbs to lose.

I’ve realised I need some structure, but I don’t fancy weighing and calorie counting everything that passes my lips. I didn’t want to do the Dukan again, as I do like to be able to have some carbs. Then I heard about the Slimming World Extra Easy Plan. I didn’t fancy joining a group, I’m not one for public weigh-ins and I don’t really have that much to lose. So I did some research online, bought the food directory, and today I am getting on with it.IMG-20130211-01418

There are a number of free foods (lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, salad, grains and pasta), as well as a fibre and calcium allowance. Other foods have a “syn” value – foods with fat or sugar – the more calorie laden the bigger the syn, and you have 5-15 syns a day.

I had a glass of OJ (5 syns), cup of coffee with sweeteners and milk, 2 weetabix with milk out of my healthy extras allowance, as well as a babybel this afternoon. Lunch was smoked salmon (free) with a slice of seeded bread (6 syns). For dinner I’m getting my mincer out and making turkey burgers from scratch (0.5 syn) with homemade wedges (free) and stuffed mushrooms (free)!

So expect to see these and plenty of other syn free and low syn recipes in the coming weeks!


30 comments on “Slimming World Diet

  1. Have you tried Weight Watchers? I found that successful in my twenties and thirties.

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