My Kenwood Chef Multi-Food Grinder Attachment (AKA Mincer)

I have another new toy, I mean attachment, for my Kenwood Titanium Chef. This one is the Multi-Food Grinder, which is a bit of a fancy name for a mincer, probably thought up aim the product at a wider audience than dedicated carnivores. Apparently you can also use it to mince nuts and dried peel, though I think mine will be used solely for meat, raw or cooked.

The main components of the mincer itself are mincer body, into which you insert the scroll and cutter and one of the 3 mincing screens (coarse, medium and fine) and secure with the ring nut using the plastic spanner. You then attach this to the slow speed outlet on the front of your machine, pop the metal tray on the top and use the plastic pusher to guide the ingredients into the mincer and gently push them down. There’s also a nifty cover for the tray if you wish to leave your mincer permanently attached to your machine, which also doubles as a dish to catch whatever you’re mincing.

It also comes with a sausage filler and kebbe maker nozzles, which I will endeavor to use in the future.

After cleaning all the parts and assembling the mincer I tried it out using some braising steak, from which I’d removed most of the excess fat, and cut the beef into 1″ cubes.

I set the machine to speed “4” and after adding the beef to the tray began to feed it into the mincer using the pusher. Within a few minutes I had perfectly minced beef.

The machine worked like a dream. I used the medium screen and found that a good size for raw beef. I used the beef to make mince stew & dumplings (recipe coming soon) and I can honestly say it was the best I’d ever made. I won’t be going back to shop bought mince ever again, the texture and flavour was far superior and it made a usually unhealthy dish fairly low fat (not including the dumplings…). It might be more expensive than buying pre-packed, but braising steak hardly breaks the bank, and I didn’t have loads of water and fat leach off the mince when it was cooked so I reckon I got a bigger volume of meat at the end. I really can’t rate mincing your own meat highly enough.

A little tip for getting the last of the meat out of the mincer is to feed some bread through the mincer.

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27 comments on “My Kenwood Chef Multi-Food Grinder Attachment (AKA Mincer)

  1. This looks like fun.

  2. That is now on my Christmas wish-list!

  3. My mother has always ground her own meat. We still have an old school one you attach to a table lol but you are so right…grinding your own is incomparable!

  4. Oh NICE!!! …. much better than mine. I WANT!!!

  5. […] order to justify playing with my new toy, the Multi-Food Grinder attachment for my Kenwood Chef, I had to cook a meal using mince. I thought the best way to judge […]

  6. I want one! But I would need to have it out on display all the time so will have to wait until we get a new house with a big kitchen.

    • They’re don’t take up as much room as you think. It’s not much longer or wider than our 4 slice toaster, especially without the bowl, it just looks really impressive! There’s enough room in the bowl to store the k-beaters, dough hook, and whisk in so they don’t take up any drawer space.

      I do have a whole cupboard full of the attachments though… But their boxes aren’t over-packed so I just store the attachments in them, so they could be stored anywhere.

  7. Hey just to let you know I love your blog and I have nominated you for the liebstar award. Check out the link to my blog for the rules to accept xxxx

  8. […] My Kenwood Multi-Food Grinder Attachment (AKA Mincer) […]

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  10. Hi Corinna, I have a Kenwood with a mincer attachement that I believe to be 40 years old. My mother in law passed it on to us some years ago (at least 25). I used it in my sausage making fiasco. You can see it in action here; http://wp.me/p1NUXa-kD
    Thanks for following One Man’s Meat.

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  12. […] buying braising steak, trimming all the fat and mincing it myself using the Multi-Food Grinder Attachment for my Kenwood Titanium Chef meant my mince was super-lean but not […]

  13. Very cool. Nice to see that the parts are metal, not like the Kitchen Aid ones I have seen which are plastic. So have you tried to make sausage or kebbe?

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