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Diet Day 4

Another day, another 1lb lighter on the scales, yay! 5lbs in 3 days is pretty good going in my book and I’m more than happy with it. The challenge is now not to put it all back on over the next few days that I’m not doing the Dukan! I’ve tried to be sensible today, and take on the things I’ve learnt from my 3 days of doing the diet (mainly that I don’t need to eat loads of carbs to feel full). I’ve also decided to use an app to keep track of my calories every day.

Breakfast: 1 small slice of wholemeal rye & wheat bread with sunflower seeds, ½oz of Danish blue, and 200ml of fresh orange juice. This meal is also known as all the things I was craving yesterday! It was filling and satisfying and made me very happy. Calories – 232.

Lunch: I was out shopping with my mam today at the summer sales. She’s been doing the diet with me and lost the same amount of weight. We were both keen on keeping up loss, but we knew we’d need lunch out, so we decided on Nando’s (a peri-peri chicken chain). The chicken is cooked on a grill, so it’s really healthy. We got a chicken sharing platter with diet drinks, a regular portion of chips and a salad. I was a little bit naughty and got a Portuguese roll (I love their rolls), but I figured as I’d be having the chicken breasts I’d saved some calories there (a logic slippery slope, I know!). The chicken is served with the skin on, and I couldn’t resist having a bit as it was smothered is hot peri-peri sauce, but I didn’t have it all (so I do have some self-control!). I ate a lot but it was still only 849 calories in total and I was full until 7pm.

Dinner: As I’d splurged a bit at lunch I was very good at dinner. I wasn’t starving so I decided to just have a flat iron steak (150g) and no carbs. It’s amazing how filling a steak can be on it’s own. I may have some 0% fat yoghurt later, but I really don’t think I’ll need to. Calories – 170.


Calories – 1251

Fat – 33g

The big challenge is this weekend. I’m going to stay with a friend from uni, and we’ll be having a girly night out (involving cocktails no doubt) and a meal out the next night. So we’ll see what the scales say on Monday and hope it doesn’t result in tears! I’ll also be maintaining radio silence over the weekend, but promise to blog Monday night, whatever the outcome of the Monday weigh-in!


One comment on “Diet Day 4

  1. wow, great progress! congrats! I am restricted to under 1000 cal a day and it’s tough. I started a daily food log on my site, to keep honest. I do have one question though, where’s the fruit & veg?

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