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Diet Day 8 (A Dukan Day)

Ok, so Friday morning I got on the scales, and they were the same as the day before. So I can eat bread and potatoes, in moderation and not blow up like a balloon, big relief!

Over the weekend I was visiting a friend, and though I tried to be sensible and not go crazy, I didn’t deny myself anything either. So other the course of the weekend I had a number of cocktails, a homemade cottage pie, ate at a Mexican restaurant, enjoyed a Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee, had a small Sunday lunch, half a (frozen) pizza, quite a few slices of white bread, and 2 small chocolate bars. I still tried to keep and eye on my calorie intake, and by my estimate I didn’t go much over 2000 each of the 3 days, but it certainly wasn’t low-carb!

So this morning, it was with some dread that I got in the scales. To my surprise and relief I’d only put on 1lb!

I’m back on the Dukan today anyway. I had smoked salmon and steak in the fridge, so I had the same meals as I did on Day 2 (though with a larger quantity of steak). I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. Steak and smoked salmon two of my favourite foods.


Calories: 1000

Fat: 36g

I’ll only be doing the Dukan for 1 0r 2 days this week (depending how much I’ve lost in the morning), and be very good the other days (minimal carbs and fat and sticking to less than 1200 calories).


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