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What to Cook for Christmas: Vegetables

This week I’ve already blogged about the meats and desserts to have for Christmas dinner, this post is about another vital part of your meal, the vegetables! Below are some suggestions for vegetable dishes, just click on the titles to link through to my original blog posts.

Goose Fat Roasted Potatoes:

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without roast potatoes. Always do twice as many as you think you need, any leftovers can be reheated.


Mashed Potatoes:

Another Christmas staple for carb lovers.


Hasselback Potatoes:

Fancy something a little more impressive looking but super easy to prepare, then give these a try.


Carrot & Swede Mash:

This mash can be made in advance and reheated on the day.


Honey Roasted Carrots & Parsnips:

A delicious recipe for veg lovers.



Ok, so this one is not an original recipe. but why peel a pound of sprouts for the one person that likes them? Sometimes it makes more sense to be kind to yourself and just get a bag out of the freezer! It’s Christmas for the cook too, so don’t stress yourself out and be too exhausted to enjoy the fruits of your labours.


One comment on “What to Cook for Christmas: Vegetables

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