Super Quick Syn Free Tomato Soup (60 Calories)

It’s no secret, I love soup. It’s especially good for dieting and is my lunch of choice most days. I’ve posted a couple of soup recipes (see below) that I’ve made from scratch, and usually it’s not that much hassle, but when it’s a hot sunny day the last thing you want to do is slave over a bit pot of simmering soup, and with my freezer running low on earlier batches I needed a contingency plan. So I improvised, or more precisely cheated! I always have passata (sieved tomatoes) and stock cubes in the cupboard, and after all what more do you really need for a soup that tomato and stock? I adding a bit of water to loosen up the passata, and some spices for flavour and I had what can securely be described as soup! And best of all it’s really cheap (c. 20p) and completely syn free!IMG-20130822-00321

It is quite thin, but adding an ounce of cooked pasta and a little ham and you have a filling lunch.,


Passata – 250g (half a carton)

Water – 150g

Chicken stock cube – ¼ cube

Seasoning – whatever you like, I’m a fan of garlic powder and hot sauce

Equipment: Pan, scales, spoon


  1. Put the pan on the scales and reset to zero.
  2. Add the right quantities of passata and water.
  3. Place on the hob on a medium heat.
  4. Add the seasoning and cook, stirring occasionally until the soup is piping hot.

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3 comments on “Super Quick Syn Free Tomato Soup (60 Calories)

  1. That looks like an easy, cheap and delicious soup. I’m quite the soup addict myself. Everyday our meal contains a soup, main course and a dessert. I’l definitely try out this soup!

  2. […] prepare. There’s been lots of ragus and roast chicken or pork, and I’m having lentil or tomato soup for lunch most days, not exactly exciting blog material. Even the diet is suffering a bit, […]

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