Garlic, Soy & Honey Slow Cooked Pork Belly Slices

Ok, this obviously isn’t a diet recipe but it is darn tasty! It’s also very, very easy. Try my Shoulder Steak version of the recipe if you want something with a shorter cooking time. IMG-20130226-01455


Pork belly slices – about 2 per person

Chinese five spice – 2-3 teaspoons

Chilli flakes – 1-2 teaspoons

Garlic – 1 clove per slice (finely chopped)

Soy sauce – a few tabelspoons

Honey  – a few tablespoons

Equipment: Knife, chopping board, baking tray, tongs, tin foil


  1. Place the pork belly in the baking tray and season with the five spice and chilli flakes.
  2. Add the garlic, soy and honey and make sure the meat is well coated in the mixture.
  3. Cover with tin foil and leave to marinade for as long as you can.
  4. Cook in a preheated oven at 160°C/Fan 140°C/Gas 3 for 1-1½ hours. Turn occasionally if you want.
  5. Turn the oven up to 210°C/Fan 190°C/Gas 7. Remove the tin foil and drizzle with another tablespoon of honey if you want them extra sticky. Return to the oven for another 20-30 minutes.

104 comments on “Garlic, Soy & Honey Slow Cooked Pork Belly Slices

  1. Mmmmm yummy finger-lickin’ Love it!

  2. Every word in that title appeals to my taste buds (except ‘&’ that doesn’t do much for my taste buds) – my kind of food!

  3. Trying this tonight ….. watch this space. Thank you for the recipe :-}

  4. marinading over night and will be having for dinner tonite… is it cook for 1 hour plus 1 and 30 mins and return for 30… or 1 hour and 30 mins…… then return for 30..

    • Cook for 60-90 mins depending on size, as the temp is low and the meat it fatty it’s hard to over cook, then if you want it crispy turn the oven right up and cook for 20-30 mins until ir starts to crisp, or longer if you like a bit more texture. Congrats on the organisation by the way, mine are lucky if they have 6 hours.

  5. Trying these tonight but do I cook them in the marinade or not?

  6. Sorry, just re-read the directions and it says covered!

  7. Finally cooked these tonight after a 48hr marinade! They are fantastic, tender and full of flavour. My only comment is the amount of marinade left over and the fact that it is very thin so I think next time, less soy, more honey and hopefully they’ll be stickier. Thank you for the recipe.

  8. Had these for dinner tonight – delicious! I used the leftover sauce with the stir-fried veggies on the side, lovely meal!

  9. Thanks for this recipe, cooked these for the second time last night, but added some grated ginger and chopped chilli as well as the chilli flakes. Recommend.

    I served it to someone who hates pork and they loved it.

    I also put the baking tray on the hob after I’d removed the belly slices and boiled the marinade down to a syrup, then poured that over my rice and vegetable mix.

  10. Made this just now and loved it. Going to experiment a little next time. Good work!

  11. In the fridge marinating right now, gone a little easy on the soy, but plenty of homegrown garlic and chilli, the pork is from my friend at the top of the village too – eaten the rest down to the belly slices and wondered what to do – this looks like the answer I ‘ll tell you later !

  12. Hello! Does it work for shoulder steaks too? Already tried it with belly and it was sooooo good 🙂

  13. This was an epic recipe, The only difference I did was drain off the liquid, reduce it down to a sticky liquor on the hob and drain off the excess fat.

  14. My wife has just cooked me this for Friday supper, what an amazing combination! Gorgeous flavour and texture. Thanks.

  15. […] silence. I’ve also been really pleased at the wonderful comments I’ve had about my Garlic, Soy & Honey Slow Cooked Pork Belly Slices recipe, it’s great to know other people are trying my recipes and liking […]

  16. If I’m slicing the pork belly into cuts what would you say the best width is? Looks fantastic!

  17. Am using this recipe for the second time. Works brilliantly, really tasty and pretty simple to make. Once cooked I chop the belly slices into squares, then serve on a bed of noodles flavoured with soy and chopped spring onions. Delicious!

  18. Tried this today, and it was the best Belly Pork we’ve ever had! My husband put some of the juice aside before the end part of cooking and made a Joue of it with a bit of gravy. He served it with cheese mashed potatoes and peas, and it was a luxurious meal! One to serve to guests for sure! Thank you. xx

  19. cooking these tonight just gone into the over, looking forward to them

  20. did these at the weekend and they were delicious. Thank you !

  21. I am cooking these this evening! 🙂

  22. This recipe is genius!!!! I made them a few weeks back and also making them today! Amazing with sweet chilli noodles with sugarsnap peas and spring onions.

  23. That recipe was outstanding. Marinated them Sunday morning and left them for 28 hrs. absolutely delicious. Thank you very much.

  24. Lush recipe…smells like you could eat it before you’ve even cooked it!

  25. I’m a student in my first year of uni, bought some cheap slices and had no idea what to do with them. Found this recipe which seemed fairly straight forward so gave it a go. Turned out to be incredible. I was very pleased. Now im back home and cooking it again for the family tomorrow. Thank you very much!

  26. Trying these tonight…. wish me luck!

  27. tried it and good result. finished on BBQ after slow cooking

  28. made it tonight only 2 words for this dish (BLOODY LOVELY)

  29. I’m trying this today in my slow cooker. Fingers crossed it works 🙂

  30. I’m trying this at the weekend. Want to marinade it over night (from what I’ve read of comments so far) but can I check something out please. Are the measurements for the other ingredients (Chinese five spice, chili flakes, soy sauce & honey) per person (so per 2 slices)? I’m making this for 6 people, so will have 12 slices in total. Thanks!

  31. Hi Corinna – I’m just trying this. Should I marinade and cook with fat below or on top?

  32. Hi Corinna, I’m trying to “eat the freezer” & found some pork belly slices at the back. Found your recipe & will cook it this weekend, sounds fantastic. One question please, can I substitute another flavour for Chinese five spice, I don’t have any and probably won’t use it again if I bought it? Do you have any suggestions?

  33. Just tried this for the first time, perfectly yummy , will definately be having this again

  34. How many slices of pork are those measurements for?

  35. […] most popular recipe on my blog has to be my Garlic, Soy & Honey Slow Cooked Pork Belly Slices. It’s a great full-flavoured sticky and spicy recipe that is bound to be a hit with any pork […]

  36. I’ve got mine marinating since 9 am this morning, Cooking this for Dinner so I’ll let you know if the wife likes it!.

  37. I can tell you that they were fantastic..bloody lovely – Mrs went back for more. Use my own fresh chilli flakes that I had just ust dried this weekend..thank you very much

  38. Okay, so I’m trying this right now. I think I’m pushing my luck tho as I’m doing 2kg worth, have not marinaded it for all that long. Fingers crossed it comes out cooked at least lol

  39. Cooked this last night – yummy! Hubby was totally amazed at how nice it was – he’s not normally a pork type person! Thank you!

  40. Have started the marinade. Plan for 55 hours. Finest Arran Pork Belly. Will cook for 6 hours at low temp (130 Deg C) before jacking up the temperature. Will also elevate the meat above the pan to ensure the fat is separated as it cooks. Will report back but love the simplicity of the marinade and preparation.

    ♯Mystic Milo

  41. I added ginger, this recipe turned out amazing! Loved it:)

  42. […] most popular recipe on my blog is Garlic, Soy & Honey Pork Belly Slices, which in itself is a fairly easy and quick recipe (minus the marinading time), but this is a super […]

  43. Never been a fan for chinese 5 spice or chilli flakes ( aka paprika) but oh my god this has made a real convert out of me. Absolutely delicious. This is definitely a recipe we will be using time and time again.

  44. Definitely going to try this recipe. Any suggestions on what to serve these with?

  45. Would this marinade be good with chicken?

  46. Read all the feedback and its marinading as I write .now looking forward to tonight’s supper x

  47. This is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Eaten it twice in the last 2 weeks and now cooking for friends coming round tonight. Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  48. […] Garlic, Soy & Honey Slow Cooked Pork Belly Slices … – Feb 28, 2013  · Ok, this obviously isn’t a diet recipe but it is darn tasty! It’s also very, very easy. Try my Shoulder Steak version of the recipe if you want … […]

  49. Thanks for the recipe, my outcome wast quite as expected… I followed your recipe exactly but the mixture burnt on the pork and left quite a bitter taste rather than a sweet sticky finish – any tips?

  50. This is my first time cooking with sliced pork belly. I’m not sure about your cooking temp. This is for Fahrenheit at 160 temp? That sounds very low to me.

  51. Hi there. Let me just get this cooking time straight! It’s 60-90 minutes at 160C plus 20-30 minutes at 190C? Is the foil removed for the last blast at the higher temperature?
    I’ve got 6 fairly lean ribs marinading until tomorrow evening, I’m really looking forward to my Saturday night dinner!

  52. Ooh yeah! Followed the recipe exactly and it was amazingly good. Having same dish again tomorrow tonight. So glad I stumbled across your site.

  53. Looks great trying this today

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