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Cheese! Berthaut’s Epoisses

Time for my second cheesey post! This week it’s a lovely gooey French cheese. I love semi-soft cheeses, especially the stronger ones. When I could smell it through the packaging I knew it was the one for me!IMG-20130128-01377

This cheese was an excellent example of strong French semi-soft cheese, as with the Colston Bassett the description Waitrose gave on the front was bang on, and it fully deserved the 6 rating. The reverse of the label told me that this is from the Burgundy region, and the rind is repeatedly washed in Marc du Bourgogne, a French spirit. This gives the rind an almost savoury marmitey flavour which I found quite addicted.


I loved this cheese, and it came in a really cute box, which kept the cheese nice and fresh.IMG-20130128-01382

Again, I didn’t cook with this cheese, but I did put a bit in a ramekin and melted it in the oven for a few minutes to make the most glorious dip for some oven chips. Super easy and super tasty!


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