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Cheese! Colston Bassett Blue Stilton

I have mentioned my obsession with cheese a number of times in my blog. I love all cheeses (apart from the weird ones with fruit in which to my mind is just wrong!), the stinkier and stronger the better. After reading fellow blogger Chris‘s Big New Project du Fromage post about his intention to blog about a different cheese every week, and his invitation for others to join in I was very tempted. This temptation became reality after a trip to Waitrose with my mother, in which I spent most of my time in the cheese aisle. Waitrose have a great selection of British and continental cheeses even in their smaller shops, I always find something new and different in there. Their labeling is excellent, with the cheeses always matching the descriptions and the strength designation is always accurate. I bought 5 cheeses, of which this one is the first.IMG-20130128-01379

The reverse of the label informed me that Colston Bassett dairy is one of the world’s smallest Stilton dairies, employing 18 people who make the cheese traditionally by hand, using the milk of five local farms. A quick google and I found that it  has a very nice website, colstonbassettdairy.comIMG-20130128-01381

This is probably the nicest Stilton I’ve had in a long time. Big on flavour but very smooth. You get a really good blue cheesy hit with this cheese which means a little really does go a long way. It’ll be hard going back to ordinary supermarket Stiltons, which never quite deliver on depth of flavour and can be a bit harsh on the palette. I didn’t cook with it but I can recommend it with crusty bread or crackers!


One comment on “Cheese! Colston Bassett Blue Stilton

  1. […] cheese was an excellent example of strong French semi-soft cheese, as with the Colston Bassett the description Waitrose gave on the front was bang on, and it fully deserved the 6 rating. The […]

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