Mary Berry’s Chocolate Yule Log

Last year we had cream-filled chocolate roulade as our Christmas dessert bought from supermarket. It was very nice, but this year I thought I really should make dessert myself, so I planned on making a chocolate yule log. Now the cooking gods must have known this as what was one of the recipe’s on the Great British Bake Off Christmas Special, but none other than Mary Berry’s version of this recipe. This made my life extremely easy as I was able to download the programme onto my laptop and literally have Mary Berry talking me through each step, while reading the recipe on the BBC website on my phone!IMG-20121224-01288

I followed the recipe on the BBC website exactly so follow this link to get it yourself: Mary Berry’s Yule Log 

First Roll:IMG-20121224-01248IMG-20121224-01246IMG-20121224-01245


Adding Cream:IMG-20121224-01263IMG-20121224-01264

Second Roll:IMG-20121224-01267IMG-20121224-01266IMG-20121224-01265

Adding the Branch:IMG-20121224-01268


As usual with Mary Berry’s recipes it was very simple to follow and turned out exactly how she said it would. The only problem I had was when my piping bag split while I was icing it. This meant I lost a bit of the ganache while transferring it to a new piping bag so I was a little short for the ends. Luckily I had some chocolate buttercream left in the fridge as I’d made a couple of batches of chocolate muffins as presents for people at the weekend, hence the slightly different shade of brown!

The recipe didn’t state which size of nozzle to use, so I just used my Wilton 1M, but if I was making it again I’d probably use a slightly smaller nozzle.

As usual my Kenwood Chef was invaluable for making this recipe, especially for the whipped cream!


10 comments on “Mary Berry’s Chocolate Yule Log

  1. This looks AMAZING! I had a real struggle in the rolling process of my chocolate log, it just seemed to crack and crumble :/ I will try this method tho now!

  2. well one day I will give it a go. as for now I am scared of rolling process weep weep …need practice! defo!

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