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Diet Day 88 (A Dukan Day) & Ham “Sandwich”

Second Dukan day of the week and it’s gone well.

Breakfast: I had a soft boiled egg (put in a pan of cold water, bring to the boil, turn off heat and start timer for 3 minutes, then put the egg into cold water for a minute) and ham “soldiers” (rolled up slices of ham dunked into the yolk. Calories – 156

Lunch: I made a ham “sandwich” with 1/2 oat bran pancake and 8 slices of ham. Calories -171

Dinner: Was leftover roast chicken breast from last night and the other 1/2 oat bran pancake. Calories – 345


Calories – 672

Fat – 26g


One comment on “Diet Day 88 (A Dukan Day) & Ham “Sandwich”

  1. […] the weight, and with winter coming I’d rather have a big bowl of hot soup for lunch than a ham “sandwich.” I’m going to still do one Dukan day a week, but I’m going to concentrate of eating well […]

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