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Diet Days 75-78 (Sometimes the Universe Conspires Against You)

So this weekend kicked off with a takeaway! I’d had a long day, no one else was in the house, and after doing the Friday night shop my route home takes me past loads of takeaways, it was far too tempting and easy just to pop in for a chicken tikka and chip wrap on my way home!

I vowed to be better the rest of the weekend, and made Healthier Slow Cooker Pot Roast Beef on the Saturday. Sunday I had intended to be thrifty and healthy, defrosting 2 portions of my Slow Cooker Braised Pork Cheeks. Unfortunately when it came to reheating it I realised what I’d actually defrosted was one portion of the pork cheeks and one portion of pork gravy! So the pork cheeks went back in the fridge for the boyfriend to take to work for his lunch, and it being 7pm on a Sunday with all the shops closed and no fresh food in the fridge and no time to defrost a proper meal I had to stick some baked potatoes in the microwave and whack some frozen breaded chicken strips in the oven!

And so we turn to today’s good intentions, which were completely ruined when I came home to find my mother had bought my favourite spicy salami from the deli counter and left it in the fridge for me to eat! So I picked at that for breakfast and lunch, accompanied by some blue cheese, of course, and a pitta bread at lunch. I bought another piece of brisket on my way home, and trimmed it again as I did with the Pot Roast to make it healthier, and put it in the slow cooker with veggies and a tin of tomatoes to make a Tomatoey Beef Pot Roast (recipe to follow).


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