Diet Day 73 (A Dukan Day) & Roast Chicken

So, after yesterday’s cheesefest I decided to Dukan today and it wasn’t too bad!

Breakfast: This was my Dukan staple of a boiled egg. Today I dunked half an oat bran pancake in my egg. It wasn’t as good as soldiers though… Calories – 173

Lunch: I had a tin of tuna fish, which I always find quite filling so didn’t need anything else. Calories – 137

Dinner: Dinner was roast chicken breast (with the skin removed, of course), the other half of the oat bran pancake and plenty of chilli sauce! Calories – 424


Calories – 724

Fat – 24g


4 comments on “Diet Day 73 (A Dukan Day) & Roast Chicken

  1. This chicken looks really yummy, but how do get by with so few calories? aren’t you hungry or tired?

  2. I am quite petite so I only need 1750 cals to maintain my weight. I work from home so it’s not like I need energy long days at the office or the commute. I haven’t noticed feeling any more tired than normal. As for hunger, the high protein meals mean they’re really quite filling, and as they’re low fat and low cal proteins I’m actually eating a fairly large quantity of food. If I do get hungry I snack on 0% fat yoghurt, which is very low cal and filling. This day was probably the lowest calorie one I’ve had though, generally my Dukan day intake is about 900 cals, plus I only do the Dukan 1-2 days a week.

  3. Thats about my calorie intake for today. I am dieting. The problem is I added a bottle of wine to the food intake. Oh dear.

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