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Diet Day 72 (Easing My Way Back In)

So, back on the dieting wagon. The fridge was a bit bare of anything particularly Dukany so I decided to just be sensible today.  It was, however, full of tempting things, namely taleggio, one of my favourite cheeses. I hasten to add that I did not buy it! Grabbing breakfast on the run (of orange juice and cheese) basically ruled out any Dukaness! Lunch was better, oxtail soup, a slice of granary bread and a mini babybel light was better. The only thing in the freezer that would defrost quickly was sausages. They were 85% meat though, so good quality sausages and I only had 2 with a baked potato and an oz of taleggio.

Image from www.bbc.co.uk/food/taleggio_cheese


Calories – 1160

Fat – 50g


One comment on “Diet Day 72 (Easing My Way Back In)

  1. […] meats or smoked salmon in for my lunch, and I didn’t fancy tuna 2 days in a row. Also the taleggio was still in there, tempting me to eat […]

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