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More Great Food TV from the BBC & Ode to Mary Berry

The new series of the Great British Bake Off started a few weeks ago and I’m loving it! I didn’t get into the last series until pretty late on, but this one I’m totally hooked.

The first week was some amazing and delicious looking cakes. Since then they’ve covered bread and pastry. Being quite low-carb and trying to be healthy does make this programme a bit of self-inflicted torture, but I’m also learning lots and getting lots of inspiration when I can get back to baking.

It also stars my ultimate food hero – Mary Berry. Mary Berry practically taught me to cook (via my mother’s cookbooks), and I always head to her recipe books for tips/inspirations/timings. Her writing style is simple but informative. All her recipes are easy to follow and always turn out how they should. This year I bought Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook, as most of my Mary Berry books are from the 70s and 80s, I thought I should buy a more modern one. It is an excellent book, brilliant for those just starting to cook, it has lots of info on preparing and storing different foods. For the more experienced cook it’s extremely handy to have so many good recipes in one book. The recipes are well explained, and easy to follow. I’m not great at following cookbooks to the letter (except when baking), and with Mary Berry’s books you know you can go a bit off script and adapt with what you have in or fancy, and they still turn out great. 


One comment on “More Great Food TV from the BBC & Ode to Mary Berry

  1. […] Chocolate Yule Log after all! So I did what I usually do in times of culinary crisis, I turned to Mary Berry. She may not be as hyped as Delia (I don’t own a Delia book but I have it on good authority […]

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