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Great Food TV from the BBC

I love cooking and I’m obsessed with food, as you know. I don’t just cook and read books and magazines though, I’ve long been a addict of TV food programmes. I think it all started with my Nana, she loved food programmes, and I used to watch them with her when she looked after me. From the age of 5 I watched Masterchef, and I remember the first episode of Ready, Steady, Cook!

I tend to find the BBC make the best food programmes. Masterchef, which has now had a major makeover, is a firm favourite. With its Celebrity and Professionals spin-offs I get a regular fix. The latest Celebrity Masterchef run has just started and I’m really enjoying it.

Another series, that has just finished its run is The Hairy Dieters. These guys, formerly the Hairy Bikers are 2 northern blokes that love food, and used to go around the country finding the best recipes. Their love of food had added to their waistlines so they decided to make a programme about losing weight while still eating great, tasty food. Can you see why this programme appealed to me? It started just after I decided to makeover my own favourite recipes to make them lower-cal and healthier (Healthier Carbonara and Healthier Pulled Pork, etc.) and in this programme they do the same. They’ve made some really tasty recipes, including cassoulets, curries, and pies, all low-cal! You can find the recipes on the BBC website, but I’m definitely going to buy the book.


One comment on “Great Food TV from the BBC

  1. I loved this series too… there are so many tips and ideas to make favourite meals healthier.

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