Making Soup Easy – My Kenwood Chef Food Processor and Blender

When I made my Five-A-day Vegetable Soup my Kenwood Titanium Chef was an absolute god-send!

I used the food processor to dice the onions and garlic, slice the carrots and celery, and chop the swede. Making a big batch of soup it saved me so much time, effort and mess!

The blender was great too. It’s a heavy-duty glass one, which meant I could blend the soup while it was still quite hot. It is quite heavy, so I found it easiest to attach the blender to the chef while it was empty and pour the soup in from another jug. If my batch of soup hadn’t been so large I could have just poured it straight in from the pan. I filled it about half full so there weren’t any accidents, and got a lovely smooth soup in seconds!

My Kenwood Chef was definitely a great investment.


11 comments on “Making Soup Easy – My Kenwood Chef Food Processor and Blender

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  3. Holly! That was my first brand too, far less sophisticated but I’m old! My MIL bought it for me, I still have it at the cottage. I’m thrilled they have expanded their solutions ! You go girl!

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  6. can you tell me how you used your kenwood chef to dice the vegetables please

  7. Hi there, I have just received the same Kenwood as you and I have tried to make hummus in my blender and it was very disappointing. It blended the bottom but would not do the rest. Says in book to add more water but I didn`t want a sloppy product. Any ideas?

    • I’ve not tried to make hummus but I would probably use the food processor instead of the blender if I did, especially as you seem to want a fairly stiff result.

      I read somewhere that blenders are best for very wet food when you want a very smooth, liquidized result, whereas food processors are better for drier foods when you want to retain some texture.

      Switching the machine off and scraping the sides of the blender/processor and stirring the mix should also provide a more even result.

      Hope thins helps!

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