Diet Conspiracy!

Sometimes life really does get in the way of your diet! Family are visiting at short notice which means a meal out is on the cards this evening. It’s no fun dieting around company so the diet has gone out the window for today (or for this evening at least, I’ve been fairly sensible today – cereal for breakfast and a ham pitta for lunch).

We have friends home at the weekend too, so we’re going to a BBQ on Sunday afternoon and a pub meal on Monday. I’m going to have to be good for the rest of the week to make up for my social life.

It’s definitely going to be Dukan Day tomorrow! I have the chicken breasts in the fridge already, so watch this space for a tasty recipe!


2 comments on “Diet Conspiracy!

  1. Seeing family is a good excuse, but you can still make sensible choices (no saucy pasta, hamburger, fried foods etc.). And volume reduction is always a good option (cut your sandwich in half and set aside to take home or share a dish with someone).
    I made the pulled pork again last night, incredible. My husband couldn’t wait to get into it when he got home at 9pm…it will make great lunches all week (I get a little over 4 meals out of a 400g pork tenderloin and it’s only about $6 for the whole thing). I have yet to try it in the slow cooker, I did it on the BBQ with indirect heat at a very low temp. Worked like a charm and didn’t heat up the house because the humidity has rolled in again.

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