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Diet Days 46-50 (Some Good, Some Bad)

I’ve avoided the scales this week, Thursday was not a very restrained day! It started off well, coffee, orange juice and a slice of sunflower and chia seed bread with a bit of quark (no butter) for breakfast. Lunch was another slice of bread, and a few slices of pastrami, so not terrible either. Dinner was worse, we’d had a busy even so got a Chinese… Not terrible, we shared a pork dish and I had some noodles, but it was still a takeaway, and judging by how thirsty I was later that night, quite salty and I don’t have a clue how calorific it was!

Friday my breakfast and lunch were the same, luckily dinner was a lot healthier! I had a grilled turkey steak and a baked potato with 1oz of grated cheese and chilli flakes. But because it was Friday I also had 2 cans of cider. Calories – 1350

I woke up late on Saturday, so I just had a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea for breakfast. For lunch I had 2 slices of the burgen bread, some quark and smoked salmon. Dinner was healthy, I made Slow Cooker Zingy Sweet Pork Fillets  with plenty of mushrooms, and served it with some mashed potato I had in the freezer. So far, so good, but late afternoon I had half a Cadbury’s caramel, and after dinner I drank 2 Margaritas (made with sweetener). Calories – 1420

Sunday I didn’t each much during the day, I didn’t eat much, the rest of the Cadbury’s caramel, 2 slices of burgen bread with quark and a slice of ham. That evening my boyfriend and I went out for dinner to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! So I had a bit of a splurge – deep fried calamari, steak and chips, and a few glasses of red! It was all thoroughly delicious and I had a lovely time.

Today, I tried to be better. I woke up late, again so only had a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea for breakfast. Lunch was a portion of the Five-A-Day Vegetable Soup I made at the weekend, with a wholemeal pitta bread and 2 BabyBel lights. The soup was quite tasty, and super filling! I planned on having a pork chop with baked potato for dinner, maybe it was wine from the night before, but from mid-afternoon I craved chip shop chips! I totally caved, but compromised, I still had the pork chop and halved a bag of chips with my mam. Calories – 1150


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