Slow Cooker Chicken Stock – So Easy I Made It In My Sleep!

I’ve posted about chicken stock before. That recipe I cooked on the hob, but in the middle of summer you don’t really want a kitchen full of steam. You also need to be around to check on it quite a lot. I wanted a cooler and less demanding method, so I decided to cook it in my slow cooker instead.

I had a couple of chicken carcasses in the freezer from roasts I’ve made over the past couple of weeks. I defrosted them one evening (this only takes an hour or two). That night I put them in the crock-pot (mine were pretty well broken up already but if yours are still whole break them up into a few pieces) with an onion (quartered), carrot (halved), celery stick (halved), 3 cloves of garlic, a bay leave and a few more herbs and spices. I added cold water until the crock-pot was ¾ full, put the lid on and set it on low.Slow-cooking casserole

I left if on overnight (10-12 hours), so I literally made it in my sleep! The next morning I strained it through a metal sieve into a clean bowl. I let it cool (to do this quickly put the bowl (not your crock-pot, it could crack) in the sink full of cold water). I put it in the fridge and let the fat solidify and skimmed it off the top. You can then divide it into freezer containers and freeze, or keep it in the fridge if you’re going to use it in the next couple of days. I made the stock on Friday night and used it over the weekend to make a casserole and massive batch of soup.

It was even easier than usual using my slow cooker, I think this is going to be my regular method of stock making from now on!


9 comments on “Slow Cooker Chicken Stock – So Easy I Made It In My Sleep!

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