Diet Day 45 & Griddled Mint and Garlic Lamb Neck Fillet

Still not feeling brilliant today, so I’ve not been really strict with the diet.

Breakfast: A glass of orange juice, and 2 slices of Burgen Sunflower & Chia Seed bread. This bread was delicious, really high in fibre and full of healthy seeds. Calories – 341

Lunch: There was a crusty white bread bun left so I had that with some pastrami and blue cheese. Calories – 436

Dinner: I found some lamb neck fillets in the freezer this morning, so defrosted that and marinated it in some mint jelly (loosened up with a bit of water) and minced garlic. I griddled it for about 5 minutes each side. I also sauteed some sliced mushrooms with garlic in a little olive oil, and stirred them into some warmed tinned letnils. My mam had bought green lentils. I’m not sure if it was because they were green (I usually use red) or because it was a different brand, but they weren’t nice! The skins on the lentils were really tough. I’ll be going back to red ones from now on! Calories – 428

Snacks: 2 Bendick’s chocolate gingers – Calories – 78


Calories – 1,283

Fat – 54g


6 comments on “Diet Day 45 & Griddled Mint and Garlic Lamb Neck Fillet

  1. Summer colds really suck Corinna; I wish you a speedy recovery. I usually only crave soup, broth with noodles mostly.

  2. Lamb neck fillet is new to us. We use lamb necks in a way similar to shanks- is this a different cut? Sounds good either way…

  3. […] didn’t go down very well when I cooked them on the hob the other month to accompany my Griddled Mint & Garlic Lamb Neck Fillet. I love lentils and often make Tomatoey Lentils as a side using red lentils, but the green ones […]

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