Diet Days 43-44 – Dieting (or Not) with a Cold

Yesterday my throat started to get sore, and I’ve been feeling pretty rotten. Though all the lovely comments I’ve been getting about my Healthier Carbonara recipe since it was Freshly Pressed have cheered me up no end.

Yesterday I was good through the day. I had a bagel and quark for breakfast, and soup for lunch, but last night I totally caved and got a takeaway. The fridge was bare, and there was nothing in the freezer that could be cooked from frozenwith little effort and looked appetizing. Today I’ve been a lot better food-wise. I’ve been eating healthy food, trying to get plenty of vitamins into my system.

Breakfast: Glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee, and high fibre cereal with milk. Calories – 214

Lunch: Lentil soup, a slice of bread and a Babybel gouda. Calories – 362

Dinner: I still didn’t feel much like cooking (I must be bad!), but I had a few portions of Ox Cheek Ragu in the freezer, with all the vegetables and tomatoes in it this promised to be a really healthy lazy meal. I served it with 100g wild garlic pasta per person and some cheese. It was possibly even tastier than when I first made it! Calories – 701


Calories – 1277

Fat – 29g


6 comments on “Diet Days 43-44 – Dieting (or Not) with a Cold

  1. Is Quark what I call Cream Cheese here in the USA?

  2. Since you’re not feeling well, I’ll try to cheer you up even more by letting you know that I made the pulled pork with the tenderloin and it was AMAZING! Thanks for the inspiration; my recipe and links back to your blog will be forth coming, stay tuned!

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