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Diet Days 39-42 (The Odd Fall from Grace)

Thursday I was very busy. I spent all day at a uni workshop. Lunch was provided. Naturally it wasn’t tailored to the Dukan or low carb, but I did the best I could. I had a chicken tikka sandwich, some sesame crusted salmon on a stick, arancini, and a bad thing (a mini pork pie…). On the evening I was even less good. I went out for dinner with my friend Lauren. I had deep fried calamari to start, and a calzone for my main course. Don’t think I was being restrained by not getting dessert, the truth is I was far too stuffed to even contemplate it! No booze though, I was driving.

Friday I was better:

Breakfast: Orange juice, coffee, and 2 weetabix with milk. Calories – 264

Lunch: Oxtail soup, a Babybel light, and 2 small slices of wholemeal bread. Calories – 312

Dinner: Healthier carbonara. Not the lowest cal pasta dish, but delicious! Calories – 586

Snacks: 3 rich tea biscuits and a can of cider, not at the same time! Calories – 285


Calories – 1,447

Fat – 31g

Saturday was another day I had off the diet. I ate sensibly through the day, high fibre cereal and orange juice for breakfast, and ham buns for lunch. Dinner was a less restrained affair however. From next week my boyfriend is starting a fitness and diet regime, the first stage of which is low-carb and high protein, so I won’t be eating much in the way of carbs at the weekend as well as through the week. This was our last chance to have a Saturday night meal without thinking about the calories for a while, so I decided to make turkey schnitzel (a slightly healthier version) and proper deep-fried chips! It was thoroughly delicious and definitely worth the calories. I also had 2 Margaritas to wash it down.

Sunday I tried to be good again. I woke up late so just had a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea for breakfast. It was lunchtime not long after so I tried my hand at a healthier version of bacon and egg butties. I grilled a pack of turkey bacon (3 rashers each), although I still fried my 2 eggs, but only in a tiny bit of olive oil, and served it with a wholemeal bun (496 calories). I’d gotten my slow cooker out when I got up that morning and prepared a Turkey Pot Roast with Vegetables and Tomato Sauce. I removed the skin for the turkey so it was even healthier. A very generous portion came in at about 550 calories.


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