Diet Days 26-28 & Sweet & Sour Chicken

So, Friday morning was the big weigh-in. I was super pleased to get on the scales and discover I was 2lbs lighter! Only 10lbs to go now until my target weight.

As predicted I totally caved on Friday and had pizza. To be slightly less sinful I made thin crusts ones from scratch, and only had cheese and mushroom. It was absolutely delicious and a well deserved treat. I found a recipe in an old foody magazine that had the calorie content of the base (only 417 calories in a 10″ pizza!), though with the sauce and cheese the total was 880 calories (I had a lot of cheese…). Still it was less than most store bought ones that size, a lot less than ones from a takeaway, and the quality was far superior. I’ll post the recipe when it’s less likely to tempt me to make another one. No pictures either I’m afraid, I was too concerned with eating it! I didn’t eat much else on Friday, just 2 bowls of high fibre cereal, though I did have 2 Margaritas… I still came in at less that 1,500 calories for the day!

Saturday I was less good. I had sensible meals: cereal for breakfast, a ham bun for lunch, slow cooker roast chicken and vegetables for tea (I’ll be posting the recipe later in the week), but I also had homemade vanilla ice cream, and enjoyed a few drinks while out on the night. I really wouldn’t like to hazard a guess at my calorie intake for Saturday!

Today was a hangover day. There were some potatoes and gravy left from the night before, which I thought would make an excellent breakfast, and I was right. I had a mini nan pizza for lunch (I had sauce and mozzarella left from Friday night), a couple of potato wedges, and some more homemade ice cream. Dinner was slightly better, I cooked the leftover chicken in some sweet and sour sauce I had in the freezer, and served it with brown rice. If you want the method it was exactly the same as my Leftover Chicken in Barbecue Sauce recipe, except I used 2 quantities of sweet & sour sauce and left the chicken in larger chunks. I’ve probably had about 1,500 calories in total.


3 comments on “Diet Days 26-28 & Sweet & Sour Chicken

  1. Congrats on your success so far, you must feel great!

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