Diet Day 25 (A Dukan Day), Herby Lemon Salmon and Pizza Cravings

Ok, so this is my third Dukan day this week. I’ve not had too many cravings today, though looking at all the delicious recipes on my WordPress feed do provide some temptation. I am glad it’s my last day. I do feel better for cutting out carbs though (my stomach is looking flatter), but I am looking forward to being able to eat some carbs tomorrow! I don’t have a major sweet tooth, but I do like the odd square of chocolate now and again, and it’s really hard not being allowed to have even a little bit or a couple of fruit gums. It’s the weigh-in tomorrow though so hopefully my determination will show on the scales!

Breakfast: A cup of coffee, 2 slices of wafer thin cooked ham, and medium egg boiled midway between soft and hard (see Day 1 for my method). Calories – 112

Lunch: Ham “sandwich”: 12 slices (c.  110g) of wafer thin ham (I only used 5 in the “sandwich,” ½ oat bran pancake, and Nando’s yoghurt sauce (1 tablespoon of yogurt and Nando’s peri-peri sauce to taste, combined). Calories – 215

Dinner: Herby lemon Salmon: Salmon fillets (200g) wrapped in foil with lemon juice, flat leaf parsley, and tarragon baked in a preheated oven (190°/Fan 170°/Gas 5) for 15 minutes. Served with ½ oat bran pancake. Calories – 363

Snacks: 2 cans of Diet Coke, 1 cup of tea, and more gum.


Calories – 690

Fat – 32g

Now I face the challenge of the weekend, and readers I really want to make pizza! It’s probably been the carb and cheese abstinence but I’ve been thinking about making pizza ALL day.

Downfall 1: Pepperoni. I don’t mind a pepperoni-less pizza, but my boyfriend doesn’t even class it as a pizza unless there’s a double layer. That’s fine, I can make up separate pizzas or just put the pepperoni on half. BUT, he ONLY eats pepperoni on pizzas, meaning the rest will sit in the fridge, and my hatred of seeing food go to waste, and my love of all cured meats, means it’ll end up in my stomach at some point! The deli counter at the supermarket doesn’t stock it, so I can’t just buy a few slices either. Literally the world is conspiring against my diet! My only hope is buying a few slices of salami and passing it off as pepperoni.

Downfall 2: The base. My boyfriend like deep pan, I’m more of a thin crust kind of girl. Though we did go to a nice pizza place the other week, and he really liked their thin pizza, so hopefully I can persuade him to go thin, or just make seperate pizzas.

Downfall 3: The cheese. I am a cheese fiend. I like a pizza with more cheese than base! The solution here is going to be exercising some control. I might even go for reduced fat cheese!

As a counter measure to my pizza night I’ll probably roast a chicken on Saturday and have it with a baked potato. I’ll use the leftovers for dinner on Sunday. I’m pretty sure there’s some sweet and sour sauce in the freezer so I’ll reheat it in that and serve it with brown rice. So I can have my pizza and eat it too!


3 comments on “Diet Day 25 (A Dukan Day), Herby Lemon Salmon and Pizza Cravings

  1. what kind of pizza did you make in the end? check out my blog for a dukan style pizza. its great! http://shannsdukandiet.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/mmmm-pizza/

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