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Diet Day 24 (A Dukan Day) & Cravings

I didn’t get on the scales this morning. I feel a bit bloated (probably a hangover from the 2 large bowls of pasta I had on Monday!) so I didn’t dare.

This has probably been my hardest day, I’ve been craving snacks, not helped by the fact I keep walking past a packet of fruit gums, and that there were fancy crisps and tortilla chips going for half price at the Co-op (I’m not a big crisp fan but If I open a bag of Kettle Chips or Doritos it doesn’t get put down until it’s empty). I’ve managed to resist temptation though, I just hope it pays off on the scales! I also remembered I had some sugar free gum, so I’ve been chewing that, which has helped, especially as it’s menthol & eucalyptus flavoured, so anything else tastes gross for a while after you’ve finished chewing it.

Breakfast: A cup of coffee, 2 slices of wafer thin cooked ham, and medium egg boiled midway between soft and hard (see Day 1 for my method). Calories – 112

Lunch: Smoked salmon (180g), 1/2 oat bran pancake, and a tablespoon of quark (see Day 2 for my tips about preparing this lunch). Calories – 425

I wasn’t going to have smoked salmon again, but I went to the Co-op for some cans of Diet Coke, and they had some packs reduced. I ate one to check it was alright (it was ‘use by’ today) and froze the rest. I do love smoked salmon!

Dinner: We had half a spatchcock chicken in the freezer, so I defrosted that to cook and had the breast (no skin) with the other half of the oat bran pancake and some Nando’s sauce. Calories – 280


Calories – 812

Fat – 40g


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