Diet Part II Day 23 (A Dukan Day) & Smoked Salmon Open “Sandwich”

Ok so after 11 days on non-dieting I got back on the scales and was 1.5lbs heavier. This made me a bit sad, though it was easy to see where it’d come from – the chocolate birthday cake smothered in double cream, homemade burgers, Indian meals, 2 large bowls of pasta (in one day), and copious amounts of bread, often accompanied with meat and/or cheese. But hey, it was my birthday week (and a bit),  and it was all thoroughly delicious!

I have no regrets, I do however have 12lbs to lose. . . So it’s back on the Dukan for 3 days this week and hopefully I’ll undo some of the damage by Friday.

Breakfast: A cup of coffee, 4 slices of wafer thin cooked ham, and medium egg boiled midway between soft and hard (see Day 1 for my method). Calories – 134

Lunch: Smoked salmon (100g), 1/2 oat bran pancake, and a tablespoon of quark (see Day 2 for my tips about preparing this lunch). Calories – 254

Dinner: Griddled steak (200g) marinated in garlic, and flat leaf parsley, sprinkled with dried smoked chilli & garlic mix, with 1/2 oat bran pancake. Calories – 366

Snacks: Quark (80g). Calories – 58


Calories – 812

Fat – 32g


3 comments on “Diet Part II Day 23 (A Dukan Day) & Smoked Salmon Open “Sandwich”

  1. This looks great! Doesn’t even look like diet food!

  2. Something to keep in mind, the new serving size for protein (Canada’sFood Guide) is 75g. The only way you can lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn. Exersize helps jump start the metabolism. Just saying.

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