Birthday Present – Ice Cream Maker for My Kenwood Chef

So, my friends and family have obviously clicked that I’m currently obsessed with my Kenwood as another of my presents was the ice cream maker attachment.

This attachment proved to be even more useful than I first thought as it comes with the Kenlyte (plastic) mixing bowl as part of it. So not only do I have the ability to make ice cream I also have a spare bowl (which will save me washing up every 10 minutes if I want to make a number of things in my Chef in a short space of time. Also, as it’s plastic I can soften butter in it in the microwave, perfect for making cakes and buttercream! And I got another Kenwood spatula, bonus!

The ice cream maker part is a separate bowl, with gel in the walls that sits inside the Kenlyte. It needs to be frozen for at least 24 hours before you want to use it, but the manual says it’s fine simply stored in the freezer wrapped it a plastic bag. I have 2 freezers so don’t need to worry about finding space (it’s in there already). It’s not that big though, and the hollow middle means you could always stick other freezer food in it.

When the bowl is ready you simply fit it into the Kenlyte, put the paddle in and the splashguard on top, and lower the machine head to attach to the paddle. Start the machine up, and add a chilled ice cream mixture through the shoot. You’ll have 1 litre of soft-scoop ice cream in 20-30 minutes, after which you can put the ice cream in the freezer if you prefer it more frozen, or just to keep for later.

So this weekend I’ll be making ice cream! Not very diet friendly, I know, but I’m sure my boyfriend will help me eat it.


13 comments on “Birthday Present – Ice Cream Maker for My Kenwood Chef

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  2. Please Could you tell me the depth of the inner bowl, I want one of these but dont know if it can fit in my small freezer.

    I looked on websites everywhere and can only find the dims if the outer bowl, I should be very grateful.

  3. I’ve just been given a second hand ice cream maker for my kenwood, no instructions so your blog is great. I’m going to make vanilla ice cream tonight.

  4. […] Birthday Present – Ice Cream Maker for My Kenwood Chef […]

  5. My freezer bowl wont seem to freeze anymore? Used it many times but now it doesnt seem to get cold enough? Please avise.

  6. Can you make a few batches at a time or does the bowl have to go back in the freezer after one batch?

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