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Diet Day 11

I’ve FINALLY lost some weight this week, but only ½lb. I suppose on an ordinary low calorie diet ½lb in 3 days would probably be acceptable. I’m just a tad disappointed after the great results I had last week. That and I was hoping to be able to ditch this dieting lark in 3-4 weeks if I’d continued to lose weight at that kind of rate!

The need for more fibre in my diet became apparent again today so it’s been another non-Dukan day.

Breakfast: Orange juice (200ml), a slice of brown sunflower seed bread and a soft boiled egg. Calories – 304.

Lunch: Can of Heinz lentil soup, a slice of polish bread, and a babybel light. I love lentil soup, I quite often have it for my lunch, and I’ve really missed it while doing my diet. Calories – 316.

Dinner: I’d found a ready smoked chicken breast (155g) seasoned with herbs in the supermarket a few days before, so I decided to have that today with some wholegrain rice (100g). The smoked chicken was delicious, and having cut out carbs meant I ate a lot less rice that I normally would. Calories – 328.


Calories – 948

Fat – 16

It doesn’t look like I’ve eaten a lot calorie-wise today but I was full after every meal, and haven’t felt the need to snack in between.

I’m going away again for the weekend (again!).  I’ll be having cooked breakfasts and eating out at restaurants, but I’m going to be as good as I can be and hope I don’t undo all my good work!


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