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Diet Day 10 (A Dukan Day)

Starting to feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall with the weight-loss, I was still the same as I was on Monday morning. Time for another Dukan day!

Breakfast: 1 large egg and ½ oat bran pancake. I do like an egg for breakfast, even one on its own can see you over for a good couple of hours. I knew I was going to have a busy morning so I had half a pancake too. Calories – 203.

Lunch: Coffee, 50g smoked salmon, and Mexican chicken breast (80g). I was at uni today, so I grabbed a coffee with friends. I resisted my usual latte (as well as all the lovely cakes on display!), opting for an Americano with a couple of sweeteners and a dash of skimmed milk. I grabbed some small packets of salmon and chicken from M&S too. Calories – 203.

Dinner: ½ oat bran pancake, 1 large chicken breast (200g) which was leftover from the night before (you can even be thrifty on the Dukan!), with peri-peri yoghurt dip (50/50 Nando’s hot peri-peri sauce and low fat yoghurt). I made a little wrap with some of the chicken and the pancake. The wraps were really delicious, especially with the peri-peri yoghurt, I could almost imagine I was eating a fajita! Calories – 411.


Calories – 817

Fat – 32g

I anxiously await the results of my efforts today.


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