Victoria Sandwich with Freshly Whipped Cream

You may know, if you saw my last post, that I am now the proud owner of a Kenwood Titanium Chef! I couldn’t wait to play with it, and I thought that there would be no better way to try it out than to make a classic sponge recipe, and what is more classic than a Victoria sandwich? Traditionally, the filling in a Victoria sandwich is just raspberry jam, but I’m a massive fan of cream (I have been known to eat it like yogurt, very bad, I know!), and I wanted to see how quickly the Chef would whip cream. 

I must say I was more than impressed with the performance of my Chef and the overall results.


Unsalted Butter – 4oz/115g (softened)

Golden castor sugar – 4oz/115g

Eggs – 2 medium

Self-raising flour – 4oz/115g

Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

Vanilla extract – 1 teaspoon

Raspberry  jam – a couple of tablespoons

Whipping cream – 200ml (This made more than enough for the cake so I kept the extra in an airtight container in the fridge. It lasts a good few days.)

Icing sugar – about 2 teaspoons to dust

Equipment: Stand mixer (or a bowl and hand mixer) with K-beater and whisk attachments, spatula, 2x 7 inch sandwich tins (greased with a little butter)


  1. Preheat oven at 160°C/Fan 150°C/Gas 3.
  2. Add the sugar and butter to the mixing bowl and using the K beater cream the mixture, starting on minimum and increasing until the mixture is pale and fluffy.
  3. Add the eggs and beat in for a couple of seconds before adding the flour, baking powder and vanilla extract. Beat again until the mixture is light and airy. You may need to scrape down the sides from time to time. 
  4. Divide into the greased tins and bake on the middle shelf for 15-20 minutes until the top is firm to the touch.
  5. Remove from the oven and turn out onto a wire rack to cool.
  6. Meanwhile, wash out the mixing bowl, and replace the K-beater with the whisk attachment.
  7. Add the cream to the bowl and whisk on a high setting (if you’re using double cream rather than whipping cream use low-medium settings as you could over-whip and end up with butter!) until the cream is thick, and forms a stiff peak on the end of the whisk when it is lifted up.
  8. Spread jam on one cake, spread or pipe on the cream, and top with the other cake (bottom side up for a nice flat top).
  9. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

9 comments on “Victoria Sandwich with Freshly Whipped Cream

  1. A victoria sponge is a rare treat over here in NC, I think I saw it first on Midsomer Murders. Now, I make them for birthday cakes. They are a big treat! Especially lovely when using local fruits in season. I was so disappointed to see that Kenwoods are not available here in the states, so my search continues.

    • They’re a firm favouirite with our friends and family, and they’re just so easy. I actually made one the other week and iced it for my boyfriend’s sister’s birthday. I’ll be posting about it later this week.

      I didn’t realize Kenwoods aren’t available in the US. They’re very popular over here, and people seem to be very loyal to the brand once they’ve owned one.

  2. I LOVE sponge cakes, my mum use to make this all the time during my childhood days. I should give it a go myself as here in Austria beeries are in season. I’m very jealous of your new Kenwood machine, over here in Europe it costs like 1200 Euro for the Kenwood cooking chef brand or 500 Euro for the KMIX brand, think I will stick with my hand held mixer for now.

    • I think hand mixers are great for cakes. If I hadn’t wanted to make larger batches of dough than recommended for my hand mixer, and also needed a food processor, I probably would have been happy with just that for longer.

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  4. Looks very good and yummy! Fae. 🙂

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