Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Yes, it’s another slow cooker recipe! What can I say, I’m a girl obsessed with her slow cooker. But it is a great gadget:

  • Energy efficient – they use a tiny fraction your oven or hob would.
  • Time efficient – after the initial prep (a lot of which you could do the night before) you can just put the lid on and leave it unsupervised all day without worrying it’ll burn, dry out, or need basting.
  • Space efficient – mine is a large one and it doesn’t take up much counter space.
  • Reasonably priced – £15-50.

Everyone loves a good beef stew, and this one is really tasty. I used beef skirt as there’s not much excess fat on it, so you don’t need to spend time trimming it (great if you need to get to work), but it’s still a tasty cut.

The quantities here are enough to feed 4-6 people, and could be stretched further with the addition of more mushrooms. carrots, and perhaps a bit of swede.

As there were only the two of us eating this was another batch cooking recipe for me. You could freeze in portions to be reheated later, but I put my leftovers in the fridge to make steak pie and mushroom pie the next day (post coming soon). I did freeze the excess gravy though.


Beef skirt (flank) – 2 lb/1 kg (cut into chunks)

Plain flour – 3.5 oz/100g

Mustard powder – 1 ½ tablespoon

Olive oil – 2-3 tablespoons

Red onion – 1 large (finely diced)

Garlic – 2-3 cloves (finely diced or crushed)

Carrots – 4 medium (peeled and sliced)

Mushrooms – 12-14 oz/350-400g

Beef stock – 10 fl oz/300ml (hot)

Red wine – 7 fl oz/200 ml

Tomato Puree – 1 tablespoon

Worcestershire sauce – 1 tablespoon

Seasoning – 2 bay leaves, ½ tablespoon Italian seasoning, ½ tablespoon oregano, ½ tablespoon thyme, ½ tablespoon celery salt, 1 teaspoon ground white pepper

Gravy granules – 1 tablespoon

Equipment: Chopping board, knife, frying pan, wooden spoon, slow cooker/casserole, plate, tongs


  1. Fry the onions in the frying pan, with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, on a medium-hot heat until soft and starting to colour. (If making the recipe in a casserole just use that.)
  2. Add the garlic and mushrooms and soften slightly.
  3. Meanwhile set the slow cooker on high, pour in the hot stock and carrots into the crock-pot (or casserole on a medium heat hob), followed by the onions and mushrooms, and cover.
  4. Turn the heat on the frying pan to high and add another tablespoon of olive oil.
  5. On the plate mix together the flour and mustard and coat the chunks of beef in the flour.
  6. Brown the beef in batches, taking care not to over fill the frying pan. Add more oil if necessary.
  7. Add the beef to the crock-pot (casserole), along with any excess flour, Worcestershire sauce, seasoning, and gravy granules. Stir well.
  8. When all the meat has been browned turn the heat on the frying pan down to medium. Add the wine and tomato puree to deglaze the pan. Reduce until it stops smelling of alcohol and add the crock-pot (casserole) and stir in.
  9. Cover and cook on high for another hour, then low for 7-9 hours, or high for another 4 hours.
  10. Serve when meat it really tender. Best eaten in a shallow bowl with plenty of mash.

4 comments on “Slow Cooker Beef Stew

  1. I like your addition of mustard powder. It must add a lot of flavor to the stew.

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